Semi-permanent make-up

Do you spend hours on a morning applying your make-up? Do you wish that it could be much simpler? With semi-permanent make-up from Abby’s Beauty Secrets, we can take the hassle away from daily make-up application.

Abby Gordon is a permanent cosmetic technician. Trained to silver level by Nouveau contour, one of the industry leaders. All treatments are carried out using the latest state-of-the-art digital Nouveau contour machine.

Permanent cosmetics are also known as micropigmentation. This is a form of tattooing where the pigment is implanted into the top layers of the skin. Permanent cosmetics last for years if a colour boost treatment is maintained every 12 to 18 months.

Brow treatments

Regardless of the natural growth of your brow hair, or your current brow shape, permanent cosmetics can provide you with the perfect brows you have always wanted. Add fabulous shape and lift to your brows – without the need for the surgeon’s scalpel.

Correct sparse or over-plucked brows – say goodbye to your brow pencil. Add stunning shape and extra definition for a more youthful look. Restore the appearance of realistic looking brows with realistic hair stroke brow treatments

There are different types of brow treatments:

  • Hair stroke brows – this involves the individual hairs being put on and is the most natural brow
  • Powder brows – a slight colour behind the brow
  • Combination brows – a combination of hair stroke and powder brows


Save time applying make-up every day. There are two different types of eyeliner:

  • Lash enhancement – A fantastic treatment if you simply want to add extra definition to your eyes, without an eyeliner look, it makes your lashes appear longer and thicker
  • Baby Eyeliner – this is a bit more than a lash enhancement with a baby flick on the top


Whether you simply want to add a youthful flush of colour to faded lips, improve the definition of your lip line, or even have a fully redefined lip contour, it is all achievable with permanent cosmetics.

  • Restore the shape and natural colour of your lips
  • Get the pout you have always wanted – without the need for fillers
  • Want a more dramatic look? Recreate your favourite lippy with a full colour lip boost
  • Correct asymmetrical lip lines for a more proportionate shaped mouth


  • Hair stroke brows – £350
  • Powder brows – £350
  • Lip blush – £350
  • Lash enhancement – £250
  • Baby eyeliner – £300
  • 12 – 18 month touch up – £150

“Lovely girls, friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend!“

Katherine Torrance (via Facebook)

“Great gel manicure today...brilliant service too thanks ladies“

Pauline Barrett

“Love my LVL lashes, thanks so much. The salon's looking lovely”

Jacqui Flett

“Professional, affordable and excellent customer service.”

Laird Carol Glennie

“Highly recommend Abby, she's lovely & her treatments are brilliant”

Joanna Johnston

“Great salon and treatments. Always pleased with what Abby does!“

Lesley Sharkey

“Another fab treatment! Thanks I'm all holiday ready now!!“

Hannah Sangster


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