Trying Out A New Skincare Routine
Since being in isolation I have really had to up my skincare regime. This is because my skin reacts very badly when I am stuck indoors and when I get stressed. Certainly at the very beginning of lockdown I was very stressed having my daily norm disrupted and trying to adjust to this new normal and the first two weeks my skin broke out in spots.

I targeted this particular problem by using the Janssen Biofruit Gel Exfoliator to give my skin a good clear out and rid it of all toxins and impurities that had appeared on my face. I also teamed this up with the AHA Face Cream. I wouldn’t use these products on my skin on a daily basis as these are very strong and active products for people with primarily oily skin.

I have a classic combination skin type with primarily dryer skin. I don’t experience breakouts very often but when I do it is really badly affected so I like to use these two products as a one off treatment to help eradicate my breakouts very quickly and this is very effective in doing so.

However, while it treats my breakouts it tends to eventually make my skin go to the other extreme. Two weeks later my skin became very dried out and was crying out for moisture replenishment. This is where I discovered the Dry range from Janssen. These products are an absolute godsend for people with dry skin conditions.

I decided after just using the cleanser, toner and moisturiser, which really did work very well in hydrating my skin, to treat myself to a full on facial with the Janssen products to see what difference would be made and to amp up the results.

I used the Mild Creamy Cleanser twice to give my skin a proper cleanse, and then exfoliated with the Intensive Face Scrub to help get rid of the dead skin cells and dry flaky skin that was building up on my face. My particular problem areas were my cheeks and my nose. I found this alone was very effective in smoothing the skin and it felt a lot cleaner and fresher.

I used the Radiant Firming Tonic after this process and I absolutely love this product now. The smell and the feeling of the product just reminds me of being on holiday in a hot country and being in the pool or having a really refreshing drink of cold water in a hot climate. It just makes me feel so happy when I use it and I feel like my skin has just had the most refreshing drink, just what I needed.
After my skin had been cleansed and prepped I used VitaForce C Skin Complex serum at this stage as my skin would be more inviting of this kind of product at that point.
I used to never use serums and I can understand why people wonder what the point in it is if they already use moisturiser. However I have to say after using Janssen serums i have been completely converted.

The trick is that it has to be used correctly. I used only a pea size amount of product, very tiny and I pat the product onto my skin, you can feel the product sinking into your skin immediately and I just smooth over to finish. Serum is a very active product as it penetrates into the deeper layer of the skin which is why it works a number of times more effectively than using moisturiser alone and you can really feel the benefits straight away once the product has sunk into the skin. It is an absolute game changer for me and I can’t imagine not using serum now I’ve tried this.

I then decided to use the Rejunevating Mask from the mature range. Now that I have turned 30 it is always in the back of my mind to start using preventative treatments to try and slow down the ageing process in my skin as much as possible. I am also quite aware of frowning a lot and worried about wrinkles in the future.
Another reason why I love the Janssen Mature range is because it works really well for dry and sensitive skin types which my skin is prone to, so it really is a 3-in-1 range and very versatile, which is perfect if you don’t want a cupboard full of different products and if you want to keep things simple.
This mask is applied with a brush and left on for 15 mins, it feels beautiful on, very creamy and light and you can feel the product absorbing into the skin during the 15 minutes. I love masks that are not too messy to take off and this is perfect as the excess can be massaged into the skin with very little residue to wipe away.

Now to apply my finishing touches to my home facial, I toned the skin again for extra hydration and to remove any excess mask product. I then applied another serum, the Age Perfecting Serum, to compliment the mask I just used.

I finished off with Tri Care Eye Cream. Eye cream is another product that is overlooked yet very underrated. Much like the serum, it can last you a very long time as again you only use a tiny amount, just smaller than a pea size amount. This is massaged in circular motions around the contour of the eyes and I find it very effective if, like me, you suffer from migraines and tension headaches. You can apply pressure points around the eyes while applying this cream and it instantly makes you feel so much better.
Finally I finished off with the Day Vitaliser face cream which was just the perfect consistency for my skin type, not too heavy but enough for someone like me who cannot go a day without moisturiser. I also need to add that the smell of these products is just amazing! I love products with a nice natural fragrance to them and these are not overpowering, the scents are just lovely.
I instantly felt that my skin was softer, smoother and so much cleaner and fresher after my home facial and I felt like a new revived person. I’ve been sticking to my daily routine of cleanser, toner, serum and moisturiser every day and will carry out this more intensive facial with exfoliator and mask at least once a week.

While this is not the same as treating yourself to a luxurious facial in salon, while we are in this current pandemic, having these pharmacy grade products at home is perfect way for you to have that luxury at home, even better pairing it up with a bubble bath and pampering yourself and having some me time at home. A break from homeschooling kids, cleaning the house or maybe just if you have ran out of things to do during the lockdown and want to try something different. And definitely great for those missing coming into the salon to treat yourself. I cannot tell you how much doing this facial at home had such a beneficial impact on my mental well being as well as my skin. It just made me feel so much better!

Just to end, I would like to think back to our Janssen Training Day in the salon last year and I was lucky enough to be a model for a luxurious facial using the products from the Mature range. Here is a before and after photo of what was achieved from just one facial, I remember how amazing my skin felt after that facial.

Until we meet again once lockdown is over, I cannot recommend enough using some lovely luxury salon products at home to treat yourself to your very own facial. Feel free to try some samples as well, it took me a few samples to find my perfect product combination but it is definitely worth it and your skin will thank you for it!
Take care and stay safe xx
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