What’s my Skin Type?

Ever wonder what skin type you have? There are five main skin types: normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive. However, we stock eight different skin ranges to cover all skin types and ages. Understanding the different types of skin and which one you have will help give you a better idea of how to treat acne breakouts and achieve smooth, clear skin. Our skin therapists have years of training to be able to analyse skin and create bespoke treatment plans and home care routine. If you have any further questions book in for a skin consultation or virtual consultation.

“Normal” Skin Type
This is a very rare skin type. If you are lucky enough to have this skin type. Your skin will look clear with no congestion – no black heads, block pores or spots. You will not suffer from redness and your pores will appear small. I often find that these people with normal skin types are slightly on the dry side of normal.

I would always recommend these types, to use the Janssen Cosmetics dry skin range. This is because it’s a great range which suits most skin types. Its main ingredient is hyaluronic acid, a great moisture boosting ingredient. It’s important even if your skin looks fine to continue to take care of your skin so it looks great for years to come.

Dry Skin
This skin type lacks oil and moisture. One of the most common characteristics of dry skin is a feeling of tightness in your skin. You might also have dry flaky patches and almost invisible pores.
Dry skin can be caused by the wrong skin care, weather changes or just genetics.

Be very careful if you have dry skin. If left untreated you can age quicker. Dry skin can also become sensitive and reactive.

To help dry skin I would recommend the Janssen cosmetics pharmacy grade dry skin range. These products are cosmeceuticals meaning they are powerful enough to make a difference. The dry skin range uses long and short chain hyaluronic acid along with lots of other ingredients. This will hydrate your skin creating a protective barrier, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and give a fresh radiance.

Oily Skin
Oily skin looks like it has a lot of shine on the face and you may also suffer from acne and breakout. Pore size will appear large and you might have blackheads and blocked pores.

Oily skin is usually caused by hormonal changes and genetics. People with oily skin tend to age better as it gives the skin a protective barrier.

Although oily skin is one of the most challenging skin types to treat. You do not need to live with the symptoms – acne, spots, black heads and blocked pores.

We have so many treatments to help this skin type. One of the most effective is the IPL treatment. It helps to reduce sebum production, reduce acne scarring and reduce pore size.

Of course, this needs to be helped with a great skincare routine at home. The Janssen Cosmetics Oily skin range uses a combination of ingredients to change the appearance of this skin type.

Combination Skin

This skin type is usually a mix of two different skin types. The most common is an oily t-zone and dry or normal the rest of the face.

It can be a challenging skin type to treat and it is the most common skin type. Janssen cosmetics have a small combination range of products. We would then recommend using some products from the other ranges to complete the home care range.

When we treat this skin type in the salon, we often use different masks on the different areas of the face. This is a good Idea to do this as well at home so you can hydrate your dry areas and pull out impurities where you need it.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin will have a lot of redness and irritation. You might suffer from rosacea. Often this skin is this way due to a breakdown of the protective layer of the skin. We often see untreated oily or dry skin turn sensitive.

The Janssen Cosmetics sensitive range is designed to build back up the skin’s own defences. This can be used until the skin is no longer sensitive and returns to your normal skin range. Some products in the range are also scientifically proven to reduce thread veins by 20%.

We wouldn’t recommend harsh skin treatments for this skin type. However, the IPL thread vein treatment is amazing for reducing redness and rejuvenating the skin.

Ageing Skin

Although this is not normally a skin type. It does however require specific care. Ageing skin is characterised by loss of skin elasticity, volume and fine lines and wrinkles.

This Skin type needs its own blog so I will cover skin ageing and how the menopause can affect the skin on its own.

For this skin I would recommend the mature range from Janssen Cosmetics. It’s also a great range to prevent ageing.

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